Welcome to Glory Bound Gyro Co.

A unique restaurant that focuses on great food and service in a funky, fun filled atmosphere.

How Glory Bound Gyro Co. came to be? IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME!

Glory Bound Gyro CompanyGlory Bound Gyro Co. or “Glory Bound” as many call her, was dreamt up by two restaurant buddies; myself, Will Taylor, and my business partner Chris McDonald, while traveling the Islands of Greece. While Island hopping in the Mediterranean Sea, we quickly fell in love with the laid back atmosphere and the Greek cuisine we were experiencing. One day while enjoying a three hour lunch at a local eatery in Porros, Greece, followed by a few Fix, the local Greek beer, and some Ouzo, we began kicking around ideas of a new restaurant concept to bring back to the states. We knew we wanted a unique restaurant that focused on great food and service in a funky, fun filled atmosphere. As far as the food goes, we wanted to focus on fresh ingredients and handcrafted menu items. Some of the handcrafted items never saw the light of day as I’ve made my fair share of hummus flavors that were a No-Go.

Nonetheless, the continuous trial and error sessions lead to a number of proven menu favorites such as many of our unique hummus flavors, the cheese rolls, and jalapeño stuffed falafel. The open prep area was a must, as we wanted our guests to experience what we were making and offer a direct line of communication with our customers. With that, the idea of Glory Bound Gyro Co. was born. On December 4th 2009, we began serving our “Unique gyros” to friends and family. To our surprise, Glory Bound quickly became a hit around town. Apparently, creating a new age american concept with mediterranean influences was not so crazy after all. In our first year, we sold over 68,000 Gyros! So, if you are looking for a fantastic meal in a unique environment, Well my friend, you have found the right place. So sit back, relax and enjoy your experience at Glory Bound Gyro Co. It’s a Lovely Day for a GYRO!

Chris McDonald

Marketing Guru, Menu Designer, Owner

Will Taylor

Gyro Wrapper, Cheese Roller, Owner