Old Athens Grill Is Now “Glory Bound”

Chris McDonald and Will Taylor, the owners of Hattiesburg’s Old Athens Grill, are proud to announce that Old Athens will be changing their name to Glory Bound Gyro Co. and opening their second location in Tuscaloosa, Ala., this summer.

“We felt like our Old Athens concept was ready to expand but we kept running into one issue, the Old Athens name,” Taylor said. “We couldn’t get the name copyrighted for a restaurant because the words ‘Athens Grill’ are already widely used in restaurants across the United States.”

McDonald added that they realized the name Old Athens gave the impression that they were “Authentic Greek” – but the food and atmosphere is anything but. “The menu at Old Athens is Greek-inspired, but focused more on offering Greek /American staples with a unique twist,” he said.

The new name of the concept will be Glory Bound Gyro Co. and was inspired by a close friend and regular known affectionately as Mr. John. One day while enjoying a Pepper Jack gyro, a favorite on the Old Athens menu, Mr. John proclaimed, “This Pepper Jack Gyro is glory bound!” McDonald and Taylor couldn’t agree more.

“That phrase has always stuck with us over the years,” Taylor said. “We found ourselves calling the gyros ‘Glory Bound’ while cooking in the kitchen or joking with employees, so when it came to renaming the restaurant, we realized it was the perfect fit.”

“Our thought was that as Old Athens continues to grow, our name should reflect that growth,” Taylor said. “We have big plans for the future of this concept, and like Mr. John said, our gyros are glory bound.”

Old Athens patrons, worry not: Glory Bound Gyro Co. will offer the same melt-in-your-mouth appetizers, hummus, gyros, salads, desserts and more of the same “good-time” atmosphere, only under a new name.

Adapting to change and growing their concepts is nothing new to Ain’t Life Grand Investments, the holding company for Glory Bound Gyro Co., Topher’s Rock ‘n Roll Grill, and Mugshots Grill and Bar.

“In the restaurant business you can never stop improving; from the name of the restaurant to the daily specials, you must always be evolving for the better. I feel like we have accomplished this with the name change and our new logo,” McDonald said.
Glory Bound Gyro Co. plans to follow in Mugshots’ footsteps in terms of opening new company-owned locations and franchised stores throughout the southeast.

“Over the last few years, we took the original concept of a Greek-inspired Grill and Bar and let it evolve,” McDonald said. “Glory Bound Gyro Co. plans to make its gyros as famous as Mugshots’ burgers.”

Glory Bound Gyro Co. will open its second location in Tuscaloosa on July 17 next door to Mugshots Grill and Bar on the corner of Greensboro and University.

“We couldn’t be more excited about opening our second location in Tuscaloosa,” Taylor said. “Our company has had tremendous success with the Mugshots brand in Tuscaloosa and we feel that Glory Bound Gyro Co. will follow in the same footsteps.”